Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Wonderful Wednesday

Hi All!

It is Wednesday! Yeah!

Why am I so excited?

I have absolutely NO idea!

Anyway - it is going to be a good day. The tornadoes went by us last night (not even close) and in Oklahoma they missed my brother and his family. That is worth having a good day, don't you think?

The storms we had last night were the latest in what has seemed like an endless stream of storms. It really hasn't been daily but it sure seems like it! While the weather was "severe" we actually didn't even get too much rain - about an inch or so.

I haven't watered my flowers for about a week now!

I also haven't been swimming since the rain water (and the cold nights) means that the pool water is cold, cold, cold! Hopefully the rain will be over soon and the days will heat the water up to a nice swimming temperature - but not the bathtub temperature!

Yesterday I got my free oil change and then bopped to a lunch with a friend who is in town for a little bit from Washington D.C. This friend is a student at Galluadet University - the best known and first college for Deaf students. Galluadet has an excellent interpreter program and I really wish I could go but . . . I don't think it will happen. Spending two years away from home . . . just won't work at this stage in the game!

Back to the lunch. Six of us met at Pei Wei and had a nice long lunch chatting and just catching up with each other. Such a wonderful time!

Pictures were taken but not by me so I don't have them to show you . . . yet. I am hoping my friend puts them on Facebook so I can get them!

Today I plan to read some and then head to the store to get a prescription refilled and to pick up some strawberries! Doesn't that sound like a nice, laid-back kind of day?

So - how was your day yesterday?

What are your plans for today?

Whatever you do - enjoy!


Voice Update: Still doing wonderfully well! Yeah!!


Elizabeth said...

Glad the voice is going well!
So glad you escaped the horrible, terrifying storms that have affected so many people this week.

You should consider interpreter school but I bet the courses are challenging.

We are all well.
Buster is cheerful as always.
But we have had something of a rough winter.
Robert had shingles and his poor mother (89 with advanced dementia) was very sick for the longest time.
She died peacefully last Friday which is a sadness and a blessing at the same time
if you know what I mean.
Henry and Buster kept me sane through it all!

Chris H said...

I'm so glad you and your family didn't get hit by those dreadful tornadoes.

Mental P Mama said...

Well I was at the Dallas airport Tuesday night. Not pretty at all. So glad everyone was spared there, and praying for the ones who were not as lucky....