Monday, May 23, 2011

Minor Setback

Hi All!

My weekend started off wonderfully. I swam on Friday (Saturday I ended up sleeping through my alarm) and then got right to work on Saturday on cleaning the next room on my Spring cleaning list - the laundry room.

Since we have never really deep cleaned the laundry room - it took some elbow grease. The baseboards had collected a bunch of "gunk." Unfortunately, the "gunk" wouldn't just wipe off with a dust cloth. It wouldn't even budge with a wet cloth. No dice on the cloth with the cleaner on it. No - I had to get out the old toothbrush and scrub!

Around the room I went with my little toothbrush scrubbing the baseboards and . . . they did come clean!

Hubby swept the carpet for me and even got out the crevice tool to really get into the corners!

After everything was done - the room looked great!

Next up is the kitchen!

However, after cleaning the laundry room, I started feeling some pain in my chest again (don't worry - not heart attack pain - the pulled muscle from a couple of weeks ago pain!). The pulled muscle had gotten so much better that I barely noticed it but . . . apparently the toothbrush scrubbing was something that the muscle didn't like.

I spent Saturday evening, Saturday night (Hubby had nightmares again and that woke me up - then I would have to turn over and that HURT!), and Sunday morning trying really hard not to anger my chest muscles so they wouldn't hurt. That isn't too much fun!

Luckily, Sunday evening, things started to get better.

Hubby and I watched the season finale of The Celebrity Apprentice to see Marlee Matlin and her interpreter. Even thought Marlee didn't win, she did make it to the final two and no doubt brought a lot of awareness to Deaf people and their ability to do anything they set their minds to.

During the end of the show John Rich (a country music star) and Marlee sang a song John had written for his charity (St. Jude's Hospitals). It was neat to see so much focus on Marlee actually "singing" the song in ASL! In addition to Marlee signing, there was a group of students from the New York School for the Deaf who signed in the background as a chorus. Very nice to see ASL getting this much coverage on prime time television.

Even more touching was the fact that after the song was done, you didn't hear one clap. Instead, the entire audience, including the Trumps, applauded in ASL - that is holding up your hands and wiggling your fingers. It was amazing to see an entire audience applauding like this!

I had goosebumps!

Anyway - today I walked (I didn't swim since we had rain and a cold night last night and I didn't want to upset my chest muscles by hitting cold water again!). It was 74 when I started out and, let me tell you, that is a good temp to work up a sweat. Especially with 65% humidity!

Happy Monday!


Voice Update: Still doing really, really well. Thankfully!

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Dianne said...

careful with those pulled muscles!

I love Marlee Matlin
the sight of everyone signing their applause must have been wonderful