Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Roof - Part 2

Hi All!

Here is the second installment of our roofing adventure! I got the pictures out of order so you might want to start at the bottom and work your way up!
These are some of the new shingles. They look pretty much the same as our old ones. The thick pieces of foam keep the workers from having to sit/kneel on the hot roof surface.

All of the workers are brothers (and one nephew) and they work together really well - they almost don't need words to communicate!

Here they are putting new shingles on the front overhangs. It doesn't look like a comfy position to work in, does it?

The nephew had the job of hauling everything up onto the roof.

This is the job boss.

A blurry shot of them working on the valley of the house - they put down all new felt paper and flashing.

I almost got them all in one shot!

The uncle was heckling the nephew about not climbing the ladder fast enough with the shingles! I don't think I could lift the shingles let alone climb a ladder with them!

This side is all ready for new shingles. I am amazed that the guys can walk on the roof like they do!

This video is of the hallway but is meant to show you the sound of being in the house while getting a new roof! This was with only one guy hammering. After a while all four of the brothers had hammers - THAT was loud!




Mental P Mama said...

I bet the cats don't like it either!

Flea said...

Sweet! Yay for a new roof! Looks just like our new roof. :)

lin said...

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Richard Boles said...

I know it’s late, but congratulations! :) Indeed, choosing shingles for your roofing material is a good move. What I love about them is they can fit to whatever style you want for your home – from a historic to a contemporary approach.