Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back to "Old Faithful!"

Hi All!

Well, I got out my "purse" camera again today and took some shots of my gardens - mostly for my mom but . . . I thought I would share with everyone!

It has been a lazy week for me - yesterday was my birthday so I slept in and then this morning it was only 57 so I slept in again. But - I am so proud - I did walk in the evening yesterday and will do so again!

Now to get the mornings going and the swimming! I can hardly wait!

I love little green tomatoes - they hold such promise of good things to come!
I have already had FOUR tomatoes from this plant and they were very delicious!

My Hostas are growing. They get a bit bigger each year!

Since I fenced in my Coneflowers they are doing really, really well. This is the second bloom this year.

And another is hot on it's heels!

This is a new addition to my garden this year. I keep picking off the dead flowers and it keeps blooming. I don't know that it likes the sun too much though. It is in a place that doesn't get too much and still the leaves are a bit crispy!

Sorry about the blurriness - Hubby took this last night to show me how the kitties were curled up for the night. I think they like each other!

Skor was sick last night. He kept walking backwards and then vomiting up greenish yellow liquid. He wanted to play with his toy but when I got it out he just chased it one time and then laid there watching it. Poor little boy!


Luckily, he seems to be better this morning!

Here is the beautiful cake that Hubby picked out for my birthday! He said that the woman who took the order was impressed because he knew exactly what he wanted and most men don't!


To celebrate my birthday, we had cake and ice cream for dinner! Not very healthy but fun, fun, fun!
Voice Update: My voice is still doing really well but I continue to have problems saying the word "two" in certain situations. That is frustrating - my voice sounds perfectly normal until I get to that darn word and then . . . trouble! Oh well! I guess only having one word which is giving me trouble isn't too bad, is it?


Flea said...

Trouble saying two is better than Tourret's! And your hostas are doing beautifully. I'm surprised, though, by the columbines. They're a northern, mountain plant. Shade lovers. Keep them cool!

Mental P Mama said...

That last plant is a columbine...they love shade and wet ground!

Chris H said...

Your garden and flowers look lovely.
What a fantastic Birthday Cake, I hope you had a really lovely day.