Monday, May 16, 2011


Hi All!

No pictures today! The reason?

Well, I have two cameras - one is a "purse camera" that I can stuff in my purse to have on hand all the time and the other is a "better camera" with a more powerful zoom and lots of neat features. My "better camera" has been acting up so it has been on the shelf for a while waiting for Hubby to send it to be repaired (he promised he would about six months ago!).

Recently, I have been prodding Hubby to get the camera sent off for repairs. He finally got around to thinking about it and wanted me to try the camera out again to see if it still had the problems.

Well, I played with the camera and it seemed to be working.

SEEMED to be working.

Since I have been testing out the "better" camera I have left the "purse" camera on the shelf for a while (so no pictures from it).

Last night, Hubby and I went walking (!) and spelunking (is that spelled right?) and I took along the "better" camera to take some sunset shots. Well - just imagine what happened!

Yes, the camera went on the fritz just as the sun hit that perfect spot to make for amazing pictures! Rats!

That is why there are no pictures today.


Voice Update: Doing very well. Almost too boring to talk about!


Chris H said...

Looks like YOU should send it away for repair... unless you want to wait another 6 months for hubby to do it! lol

Mental P Mama said...

Your voice is doing too well to talk about??? That is awesome! Who cares about the cameras? YAY!