Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi All!

Guess what I did this morning! Here is a hint!

Yes, I am back to walking and swimming!


Of course, as this has been the first morning it has been warm enough to swim and the water was COLD!


After taking half a lap to get my breath back and another half to get warmed up enough to not feel like an ice cube, I managed to complete ten laps. I could have done more but felt like floating for a while. It was wonderful!


Now all I have to do it work up to my optimum number of laps and I am golden. Hopefully it will get MUCH warmer but not too warm (that bath water swimming isn't too fun!).


Yesterday, the roofers finished up my roof (I didn't post because I was out talking to them - telling them not to smoosh more plants - and then decided to have a computer free day) and today it is blessedly quiet. Both cats appreciate the lack of pounding and, so do I!


It was amazing that yesterday I managed to take a short nap in the midst of the pounding. I guess that shows just how tired I was! I didn't get too much sleep the night before so I was tired, tired, tired!


This morning I am checking out some books on Amazon that a college friend of mine has written. The Veil and The Forgotten Paths by Beth Schiemer. I haven't read them but am planning on buying both (she has a third book that is available in electronic form only) to support my friend. One review on Amazon for The Forgotten Paths give the book and the writing high praise. I can't wait to see what I think of them.


I would like to get autographed copies so I am holding off on ordering the books until I hear from Beth about if I can do that and if so, how.


If you are looking for some new books to read, check out these online and possibly order them. Also, if you are a Kindle, Nook, or other e-reader lover, check out the third book (I don't know the name but I am sure you can search under the author's name).

Hope you have a great Friday!


Voice Update: Doing really well. My neck is a bit tight (maybe due to the stress of being in the house during all the pounding??) so the massage is a bit more difficult but . . . I am working on it!


The Tame Lion said...

Hi there! Welcome back! I miss you so much!!
Yes, I love walking and swimming too.

Mental P Mama said...

You are gonna be ready for a triathlon before you know it!