Thursday, May 12, 2011

Past Days in Pictures

Hi All!

Yesterday I didn't blog because I slept in. It was a lovely rainy day and I just couldn't resist sleeping while listening to the rain pattering on the roof! My favorite time to sleep in!

We ended up getting quite a bit of rain yesterday. There was quite a bit of thunder and lightening all day and just when you thought it would stop raining - it would start up again (usually when you snuck outside to put something in the recycle bin!).

We needed the rain!

I thought I would show you some pictures of what I have been up to lately.

First, I played neighborhood photographer so Hubby could show this yard to his brother. He thinks it looks just like a Texas yard should look!

Then I was driving around and noticed that my odometer looked rather uniform.

Of course that only lasted for a mile! Then it rolled over to this!

Hubby isn't too happy that I have this many miles on my "new" car already and it isn't even a year old (it will be a year in July!).

After driving a bit (I am sure I went to class in there somewhere to finish up my last final!), I went to the grocery store (wait- that was BEFORE the final!). And, as usual, I had some . . . problems . . . with my berries!



These blackberries look so juicy too!


I have to admit that I picked these buggers up, washed them off, and am eating them! They are delicious!

That is about what I have been up to! I hope you have had an exciting couple of days!

Oh - I forgot. I am including a short video I made trying to catch Skor's antics when we change sheets. He was a little inhibited because of the camera. Normally he is rolling and scooting around like mad!



Voice Update: Doing well. Doing well!

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