Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Fun! Learning a New Computer!

Hi All!

Let me start off by saying that this post if NOT a computer instructional. If you have come here to find out anything about learning to work a new computer - sorry! That isn't what my post is going to be about.

With yesterday's post I had several people cruising by to find out info on computers and I am certainly not the person to look at for that kind of stuff! Sure, I can use a computer and I can do quite a few things on them but . . . other than that - I am out.

The reference in the title for today's post refers to the fact that I have started doing things on the new computer which I had done on the old computer. Uploading pictures, rearranging things, finding things in folders. All different on the new computer with the different operating software. Windows 7 seems to be working out okay right now!

As you will see in just a bit - I managed to load pictures onto the computer from my camera and then to get them into blogger! That is a major victory in my book!

For my class I need to upload some video to Facebook (it isn't required but it is a way for the other students to help me evaluate my video) and that isn't working out too well. Hopefully, I will get that worked out as well!

It has been a while since my resident rascal, Skor, has made an appearance so . . .

Here he is looking at "his" new box which Hubby thoughtfully left on the floor in the office.

Of course Skor had to investigate the box - inside and out!

And when I say inside - I mean INSIDE! The box wasn't quite big enough for him to get totally inside but he did try!

Next is an update on my crocheting project. I am making a hot pad and my mom is making the same pattern in Ohio. Of course, my Aunt Donna (my FAVORITE Aunt Donna) had to try out the pattern. She got hers done in less than a week. What a show-off! She knits and crochets all the time so she has a bit more experience than Mom and me.

Unfortunately, when the old computer crashed, it took my beginning pictures of my crochet with it. You can check some out on previous blogs.

So -- what do you think? I have started on the top of the hot pad. It is all done on the grid which took me FOREVER to finish! This picture shows what I got completed the first day I started the top. I was a little enthusiastic!

This shot is a bit closer up. I am proud of my progress. I actually have done more on the top but apparently I didn't get that picture on this blog. I will show you tomorrow!

Well, that is it for today. I am going to try to upload those darn videos again . . . wish me luck!


Voice Update: Doing well. Even Susan was surprised yesterday when she gave me a quick massage. My throat isn't too crunchy and I have been working on those exercises. I did them in the car on the way to and from work. Pat on the back, thank you very much!


Mental P Mama said...

I don't like the learning frustrations...but when you look back, don't you always wonder why you were so frustrated? Or is it just me? ;) Love that Skor!

Chris H said...

I LOVE the box Skor is playing in! He has TASTE.
Good going on the handwork.

Diane said...

Wow! Look at you go on the hot pad! I'm impressed!

And love Skor!