Friday, February 12, 2010

The REAL Snow Pictures!

Hi All!

Yesterday I was having some camera issues. Today I have those solved and managed to actually get pictures onto my blog of the amazing snow in Texas! They say that this is the most snow in one day EVER in our area making this winter one of the most snowy winters ever. And I got to be here to live through it!

The bad part of all this is that the snow is really heavy, wet snow. There are many roofs and car ports, etc. which just can't take the weight and are collapsing. So far I haven't heard of anyone getting hurt but there are many cars which were crushed by falling car ports and who knows what messed up by collapsing roofs!

As for myself - I am snug inside my house. I got home from work early yesterday so that I wasn't outside when the temps started to drop. They were predicting that all of the snow which cars had melted on the roads would be turning to ice and I really didn't want to be out in that! Hubby also got home early so we had a nice evening together!

I have a haircut today and that is all I have planned. I was going to the DAC but the snow sort of changed my mind. I will have to go to lab for class but I am going to try to do that tomorrow. Fun, fun!

Now, are you ready for some snow pictures?

First some before and after pictures.

This is the tree in the backyard in the morning yesterday.

And this is the same tree this morning after an entire day of snow falling.

My garden frog in the morning yesterday . . .

And this morning . . .

A shot of the bird feeder "before". . .

And "after."

The lettuce plot before . . .

And after.

And now for some general snow shots. Skor seem intrigued by the snow falling from the sky.

The trees all got pretty white clothes!

Some more than others . . . .

The neighborhood street is a bit "messy." Remember, we don't have snow plows down here!

I didn't venture to the middle of the yard where the measurement would probably be most accurate but . . . Wow!

So - how did you like my REAL snow pictures???

It is almost like being back in Ohio again. Almost!


Voice Update: My voice is still doing really well. I am proud that I keep at my exercises. Now I only need to keep it up for the rest of my life! Wow - that sounds a bit overwhelming when I say it that way!


Flea said...

Oh what FUN! I'm so excited for you! It's beautiful!

Mental P Mama said...

That is really something! And just how I pictured it;)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

All of your snow pictures are great, but the one after your cat - of the tree branches...that is phenomenal. LOVE it.

Chris H said...

That sure is a lot of snow... seems so many areas over there in the States are suffering from too much snow!
Poor cats having to dig holes in that stuff!