Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Hi All!

I woke up this morning and the first thing Hubby said was "look outside." When I headed to the window I saw a virtual winter wonderland! There was snow! True, it is wet, soggy snow but it IS snow! And more is coming down from the sky in nice fluffy flakes!

Snow! In Texas!

This is actually the third time we had had snow this winter - it must be some kind of new record or something. Normally we get one snowfall of grainy, wet snow which covers the ground and then melts in less than 24 hours. This snow will probably melt quickly also but it is pretty. The trees are covered with snow and the flakes are beautiful in the sky.

Imagine a picture here.

Isn't it lovely? I did take some pictures this morning with my purse camera and was heading out to take more in better light when the battery conked out. It is currently charging. In a moment of inspiration I picked up my other camera - a wonderful thing but slightly too large for my purse - and headed to the snow. Hmmmm. It must be a conspiracy because the moment I tried to focus on a lovely scene, the battery in THAT camera died!

Therefore - a shocking lack of snow pictures in this blog! I am hoping that the snow is still coming down when the camera battery is charged so I can show you all how lovely it looks today.

In other news . . . class last night was interesting. In non-class related events, my friend Beth was in a car accident on the way to class and her car was totalled. Luckily, Beth herself is fine (or at least she said she was last night. This morning she is probably having a few aches and pains.) but the car . . . not so much. Apparently a woman in a large, old van pulled out in front of Beth as she was driving and Beth couldn't stop before hitting her. Beth's airbag went off. Not good. We were all concerned when we heard that. The other Tricia (you did know that there was another one in my class, right?) went to pick Beth up and ended up helping with the whole mess until Beth's mom got there.

Beth did make it to class. She was a bit hyped on adrenaline I would say.

Class itself wasn't too bad. Still not on my top 100 list but getting better. The teacher did talk last night and there was an interpreting team to interpret everything for the deaf guy in class. It was interesting to watch them work since this is an interpreting class.

I feel good about the people in class. We are all working together well (okay, not ALL of us but a group of us which seems to grow) and providing a needed sense of camaraderie!

Right now I am wondering if I am going to work or not today. Hmmmmmm.

Have a fabulous day!


Voice Update: Doing very well. I am still on track with doing exercises in the car and it is making a difference. I sound good! Of course, when I got home from class last night it had a few skips simply because I was so darn tired!


Mental P Mama said...

Beth was lucky! And I am imagining some snowy Texas pictures!

Chris H said...

Ha ha! You did so well with the snow photos! NOT
Have a wonderful weekend chick, and I hope you enjoyed your snow.

Anonymous said...

I think that this "Beth" character sounds like she's the coolest thing since sliced bread. And I'm sure she would feel honored to be in your blog.