Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pop Tarts and Shuffle Mode

Hi All!

It is a good morning. I am sitting here IMing with Mom, eating a brown sugar Pop Tart, and listening to my iTunes music is shuffle mode. What could be better?!?

Okay, many things could be better but, for this brief second in time I feel like all is right with the world. *sigh* I am just taking a moment to soak it all in!

My LONG day, Wednesday, is over and I feel like a heavy weight has slid from my shoulders. I am still really, REALLY struggling in this darn interpreting class. The teacher has a ton of very, very good information but she is a HORRIBLE teacher. Last night she verbally flogged us several times over things we had done wrong collectively as a class. One of these mistakes is that only 2 out of 12 in the class knew that we were supposed to do an assignment. Now, I ask you - if you have that kind of percentage who is clueless, just whose fault is it? I am a professional teacher, I know whose fault it is - and it isn't the students!

Several times during the course of the four hour class last night I contemplated just dropping the class. It is causing so much stress in my life and just a few hours before going to class Susan told me that I needed to get rid of stress in my life because it negatively impacts my voice. There were a few brighter moments in class when I was glad I was there and was happy with deciding to take it - however, they were few and far between.

So . . . now what do I do? Drop and be stress free for the time being knowing that I would have to take the class again sometime in the future or continue, get it done, and work on managing my stress better? I do have a massager I can use to help keep my muscles a bit looser despite the stress!

Anyway - that was my day yesterday.

This morning I woke up for the first time at 6:30 with a raging headache. I took my regular meds, ate a cheese stick, took some headache meds, and fell back in bed for another hour or so. Now - headache is gone and I am enjoying my Pop Tart and shuffle mode morning!


Voice Update: Stress is a bad thing for me. The past week has been really stressful for many reasons - class and a family issue (nothing major just a little stressful) included. I haven't been very good with my exercises during this time and my voice pays the price. Susan has told me to try to get more massages while at work either from her or Maria, her colleague. I need to do that and I need to start taking my "thumper" massager to work again and using it. So many things are running a marathon in my mind . . .


Flea said...

Oh girl. You're in a tough place. Does anyone else ever teach this class? If so, I'd say drop and take it later, making sure it's not with this instructor. But you probably need to talk to someone about your instructor either way. Yuck

Chris H said...

Is there nowhere else you can attend this class, with a different tutor? It sounds like the tutor is just no good at all!
Stress... nope ya don't need it!

Diane said...

Isn't it crazy what stress can do to our lives? And yes, you are totally right about the teacher.

Elizabeth said...

Glad the pop-tart is helping.
Your class sounds way stressful and difficult.
Congrats for at least making the effort.