Friday, February 26, 2010

More Memories

Hi All!

Yahoo! It is Friday! I have survived another week.

Did I mention that my bosses think they have hired a person to replace me? I am so happy I am almost bursting. Yes, I will miss the challenge that working brings each day but now I might be able to spend some more time concentrating on my class (and SUCH a lovely class it is!) and might actually be home when Hubby gets home from work! The potential employree is most likely going to come to the office on Monday to spend some time with me to see how things work and to meet Susan.

Speaking of Susan - did I tell you that she cut her finger - badly? Apparently, she is going to have surgery on the finger on Wednesday. She was told that she can't play tennis - her passion in life - for over a month. Needless to say, she isn't happy AT ALL!

Today I am going to show you two more pictures I found while roaming through my picture files.

This time you get to see my Grandma Denny.

Guess who the little girl is! That's right! It is me! Grandma used to cut my hair in her kitchen. I can't quite remember if I was happy to have my hair cut this time or not but I do remember having her cut my hair. She was a woman who seemed capable of doing everything!
As a side note - are those my shoes in the bottom right of that last picture? If so, they are HUGE! I must have been Bigfoot when I was little!
Back to Grandma. She was a dairy farmer's wife and could milk a cow with the best of them. Some of my favorite memories of her involved her milking cows and helping out in the barn with her "barn cap" on. Usually the cap had bright polka dots on it. I also remember her making "Grandpa's butter" from the cream from the barn. Once I helped her make apple butter. So many of my memories of Grandma involve cooking in that big, warm kitchen. Or out in the garden weeding the green beans or picking tomatoes!
She was quite a woman!
Voice Update: Doing well even though it seems that I have finally succumbed and caught Hubby's cold! Oh well!

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Mental P Mama said...

What a blessing to have had two awesome grandmothers! And you were/are adorable! You haven't changed a bit!