Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally Friday!

Hi All!

Well, I survived another week and it is Friday. That means NO work and no place I really need to be until my haircut at 4:00! The haircut is more than a month overdue and I WILL NOT be missing it! Last night the front part of my hair - which is heavy and grows forward - was so darn annoying that I put it up in a "whale spout" just to get it out of my face! One of my friends, who called this morning, offered to pay me if I took a picture and posted it online. I don't think so! I can hardly wait until 4:00!

A bit later this morning I will be heading to the college to do some work in the lab. Doesn't that sound like a ton of kicks and giggles? At least the teacher won't be there but I will be getting her feedback on what I do in lab. *sigh*

On to happier thoughts. Have I told you that I am getting my hair cut today? Yes? Oh, well, I just don't want to forget such a happy event!

Yesterday was great! I felt so light and happy. I headed to work where I realized that I had forgotten to do some things on Wednesday. Things which I really needed to do! Oops! Luckily, my bosses are all very understanding so I just did them first thing yesterday and got on with my good day! Due to the little problem, I ended up working a bit later than I had planned. I was going to stop at a nearby mall and go clothes shopping (yes, Mom, I was actually looking forward to going clothes shopping!) but, due to the later time I just headed home to Hubby.

It was a good day and today is Friday! Life is good for the moment!


Voice Update: Still struggling a bit due to stress causing the muscles of my neck/throat to tighten up. I have started using my "thumper" and that is helping but I really need to get this darn stress under control! I am back on track with my exercises - doing them in the car in time with classical music made me happy yesterday!

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Chris H said...

I hope you enjoyed your haircut! I love going to the hairdressers too.... am due for a dyejob for sure! Have a lovely weekend.