Thursday, July 7, 2011

While I Was Sleeping . . . .

Hi All!

First of all, today was my THIRD day being awake in the morning! YEAH! It was my SECOND day of walking and swimming. I am feeling like I am getting back to my "normal" life!

Thought I would show you some of the things that happened during my "Sleepy Time."

We got both of our H/AC units replaced. Of course, it was during the summer. And in Texas. Just think about that for a minute!

First of all, the guys showed up in two trucks and started unloading stuff.

They also pulled out our old units.

They had to replace the outside units - complete with replacing the old plastic bases with concrete! This is Jose - he did a lot of the outside work.
Another truck showed up to haul the old units away to be recycled.

The trucks reminded me of clown cars. There was just so much stuff packed into them!

We got changed over to four inch filters at the unit instead of the thinner filters at the returns.

There was a lot of metal hanging out waiting to be installed.

As the day wore on it got hotter (it was actually pretty cool in the morning) especially in the attic!

Lots of tools were used - even some that I couldn't figure out.
Jose is just about done with the outside units!

By the end of the day I was extremely sweaty (however, I wasn't even close to as sweaty as the guys were!) and cranky! Luckily, Hubby agreed to take me out to eat and we went to the coldest restaurant that we could find. By the end of the meal I was cool and ready to go home to our new system and a cool house!

We do have one slight problem with our new AC. Instead of being quiet and smooth when working, the unit sort of "revs." Low to high and then back again. It is loud and not right. We called the guys back and they are investigating the fact that we may need another air return in the house.


So many issues!

However, we are cool!


Voice Update: Not a whole lot to say except that I am working on my massage and getting it up to par.

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Mental P Mama said...

Those guys look so hot...and not in a good way:)