Thursday, July 14, 2011

Short and Sweet

Hi All!

Well, the AC guys are back up in my bonus room trying to fix the problem with the NEW AC unit that we got two weeks ago (maybe three by now). The problem - so they say - is that the system isn't getting enough return air so o o oo . . . . they are putting another air return in.

That means a hole in the wall and lots of thumping and banging and who knows what else. Wonderful!

At least (maybe) this will fix the problem (fingers crossed!). I can't recall if I told you about the problem or not. The new system - which was supposed to be so quite that you "hardly notice it when it is on" was as loud as a freight train. Also, the two phase motor was supposed to "ramp up" when needed. Instead, the motor sort of "revs" so that the air blows hard, then soft, then hard, then soft . . . you get the idea! Anyway - the problem might be that the system isn't getting enough return air from our two existing air returns. SO - they are putting in a third.

If this doesn't fix the problem I don't know what I will do. I am sick and tired of seeing Mike (the AC guy)!

In other news - didn't walk or swim today since I had to hang at home to await the arrival of the AC guys. I did play the piano (it didn't go well today) while I waited though. I guess that is a good thing!

Tomorrow I don't know if I will get a chance to blog in the morning since I have a hair appointment. This is how the "growing out" is doing so far.
Just so you know - this was taken after swimming before shower and without benefit of any comb (or makeup) action!


Not too bad, right?


The only real problem I have with with the "flippy" stuff that you can see in the right side of the picture in the vicinity of my ears. This is hair that is short and has been kept short while waiting for the top to grow down to meet it. Apparently, this hair feels that it needs to show itself through the longer hair and absolutely refuses to lay flat!

Do you see this? This was taken the last time the AC guys were here. I managed to corral the kitties in the guest room and they felt confident enough to peer out the window (before they guys started thumping and thudding upstairs).


Today I didn't even think about getting the cats into a "safe" room. So - Skor is hiding under the bed in our bedroom and Miss Cleo is in her classic hiding spot behind the couch.


I told the guys to make sure that the door is closed in case a cat decides to bolt but I think they are both hidden for good - at least until they guys are done.



I wish it was this time of the day already and all of this was already done!



Voice Update: Doing really well. I actually did about fifteen minutes to twenty minutes of oral reading last night to the kitties during our pet-fest. They seemed to enjoy it.

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Chris H said...

I hope the AC is fixed and the cats did not bolt!
How did it go at the hairdressers?