Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Bit Distracted of Late

Hi All!

So sorry that I have been M.I.A. lately. No - the bad, bad medication is not back and no, I didn't have to abandon the house because the AC wasn't fixed. In truth - I am just having some adventures and have been a bit distracted lately. Being distracted isn't good for blogging, apparently!

Anyway - an update on the AC situation - well, we now are the proud owners of another air return vent. This addition made the air conditioner run much quieter but it did not stop the "revving" which it was intended to stop. Now Hubby and I are trying to determine if it is worth the hassle to have the AC guys (whom I now know by name) around the house even more or not. Maybe we can just live with it as it is. If now - we will contact the "boys" again once my distracted phase is over.

Luckily, during the most recent AC adventure, both cats stayed firmly embedded in their hiding places so neither raced out the door and both are safe. Miss Cleo did come out of hiding for a bit when the noise level decreased and looked absolutely bewildered when the door opened and a strange man walked in. Poor little girl! At least that is done for a while (or at least until Hubby and I decide what exactly to do about the AC now!).

As you may remember, the last time I posted I told about getting my hair cut. Well, I am continuing to grow my hair from its VERY short style (sported on my profile pictures for Blogger!) into a nice bob. It is frustrating! The bit of hair around my left ear isn't quite covered up by the longer bit from the top and to prove that it is still showing, it likes to stick straight out from my head! NOT a good look!

The hair around the ear on my right side doesn't have to resort to such measures as it is covered by hair from the top. Somehow the top hair is a bit uneven!

When I asked my hairdresser about that annoying bit of hair, she was hesitant to cut it (I wanted her to just shave the bit so it wouldn't stick out) so, being the wimp that I am, I am still contending with the sticking out. Talk about something making you want to just shave your head.

For the moment I just have to keep chanting "It WILL get better. It WILL get better!"

That is it for now - my distraction is returning (no - it isn't a real person!). I will try to post a bit more in the near future!


Voice Update: Despite doing a bit more talking than is probably wise and getting a little hoarse, my voice is doing very well. I am trying to keep up with my massage despite being distracted by things. So far - so good!


Chris H said...

I hope the AC unit gets sorted totally soon.
Glad the cats are still safe at home... and as for the hair...BE PATIENT! It will grow out, if you cut off the annoying bit now it will take that much longer to grow out you ninny! lol

Mental P Mama said...

Growing out hair is always torture...but worth it!