Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Come On In - The Water's Fine!

Hi All!

Just an update on the doctor front - I asked my endocrinologist for the name of a good internist and I will try out the person she gave me a bit later this summer.

This morning I am awake again! Yeah! While I didn't sleep quite as well last night as I did Sunday night, I got enough sleep to actually feel up to walking AND swimming this morning! True, my walking was a little slower than it has been and my swimming wasn't as many laps as last summer but I walked and swam and survived!

I am even still awake after doing all of that plus watering!


Hopefully this good streak will just keep getting better.

Yesterday, after a really strong and positive start, I did end up winding down a bit in the evening feeling very tired. It was a good tired though - not a drug induced tired. That is a good thing!

Today I don't have any plans. I think I will kick back and read a bit, play the piano a bit, and goof off for a bit. Sound fun?


Voice Update: Since I have a bit more energy these days I am getting back to some massage. That should keep my throat flexible. Now to get the big knots out of my shoulders and the sides of my neck!


Elizabeth said...

Glad you are feeling a little better!
Buster sends you a ick!

Elizabeth said...