Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Do They Find Me?

Hi All!

Just a brief check-in. My life is still a bit "out of the ordinary" at the moment but I did do laundry today so that was a touch of normalcy!

Anyway - my "distraction" will be over soon (I hope) so I wil be back to being a better blogger!

I just stopped by today to ask "How in the world do those spammers find me?" I mean, my little blog isn't read by too many people (as demonstrated by my low comment numbers . . . . just sayin'!) and it certainly isn't discussing things on the "hot topic" list so - just how in the world do the escort services, the drug pushing people, and the filth mongers find me?

Now, luckily, I must approve all comments before they appear on my blog so you don't "get" to see all of the interesting comments but . . .really! How many comments do I need saying things like "The topic you discuss helped me on my paper. I want to read more about the same." and "Thank you for your post. Most interesting?" Let's get real!

To all of those spammers out there - LEAVE MY POOR LITTLE BLOG ALONE!

That is all for today!


Voice Update: Doing surprisingly well. I did have one evening where I talked too much and my voice showed it but, other than that, I am doing wonderfully!


Mental P Mama said...

You have a lot of spammer company....

imbeingheldhostage said...

I was just thinking the same thing! All the people I know that don't have word veri or comment moderation, but I get spammed on a daily basis if I try to skip it. How does that happen?

Nothing about your blog or blog title makes me think you would be spam fodder so I am as baffled as you.