Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Morning After the Storm

Hi All!

Another morning of swimming! Yeah! Of course, this morning I woke up with a stiff neck and a sore wrist so I decided to drive to the pool instead of walking (really, I was just feeling lazy!). I did 18 laps. One more than yesterday!

As I sit an type this I should be in my car on my way to see Doc Feely. However, as you may notice, I am NOT in the car. After much debate last night (the "storm") I finally got Hubby to agree that I shouldn't go back to see Doc Feely after the whole medicine fiasco of the past months. For some reason, Hubby was adamant that I keep my appointment with Feely. Of course, I was just as adamant that I shouldn't keep the appointment.

Anyway - the debate ended late at night with both of us pretty much worn out. That lead to a less than wonderful morning.

Don't worry - we are still happy together and love each other - we just weren't at our best this morning after staying up later than we normally would. And - I am happy to say that after our debate we are both on the same page about Doc Feely even though I am much more angry about the situation that Hubby. I was the one who went through everything while he was just observing from the outside!

Lately I have been hemming pants for Hubby. He is a bit height challenged and so when he buys pants he can never find the perfect length. After years of telling him that I can hem the pants for him - he finally has agreed.

Actually - he has let me hem pants for him for the past couple of years.

However, he is very, very paranoid about me getting the pants too short. He insists on checking the length before and after the hemming to ensure that they are "just right." What a picky guy! Considering he is saving a fortune in tailor fees!

So - I have been hemming pants. In some ways it is soothing to work upstairs by myself. Sewing is rather repetitive so it can be soothing by itself.

Today I have one last pair of pants to hem and then a shirt to hem (Hubby doesn't like shirts to have a "tail"). Then I get to have some fun by making a patch for one of Hubby's shorts. He picked out fabric for the patch.



Voice Update: Doing really well but still not talking as much as I probably should. I wonder if I need to get back into the habit of talking to myself again!

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