Friday, November 12, 2010

Sometimes It Is Worth It . . .

Hi All!

Well, as you can guess I have had some early morning departures for observation purposes. These early mornings can really leave me tired but there are some up sides to leaving early.
You get to see the sun rise!

You can see the seasons creeping into the neighborhood . . .
You can take pictures of peaceful fields while driving so they get a bit weird but the idea is still there!


So the early mornings can be totally worth it!


Especially when you have 125 out of 200 of the required hours! YEAH ME!


In other "news." Did you know that has some awesome FREE mp3 downloads for Christmas? I think I spent about twenty minutes the other day just getting free Christmas songs. Some are good - some are just okay - but they are all FREE and that makes them worth it in my book!


In addition to free Christmas music, also has other kinds of music (classical, country, hip-hop, etc) available for free. I have fun looking through the lists of free music to see what they have. Yes, you do have to download the Amazon downloader but to get free musics . . . it is a small cost to pay!


Have I told you about our garbage disposal? The one that isn't working and hasn't been working for over a week? Yes, I found out that it wasn't working last week while on my cleaning binge around the house. Hubby and I bought a new one at Home Depot and then . . . the adventure began!


We went and picked out the new disposal and then talked to the guy in plumbing about getting it installed. The guy in plumbing didn't know anything about installation and told us to talk to the front desk or to call the 800 number.


Sooo . . . we went to the front desk. Only to find that they had no clue.


They called back to plumbing.


Who told them they had no clue.


We were told to call the 800 number so we took the new disposal and headed home.


At home we called the 800 number . . .. only to be told to call our local store! After actually getting a real person on the 800 number . . . Hubby then called the local store. He was transferred to the plumbing guy - who then transferred him to the front desk - who then disconnected him.


Another phone call. After some wrangling he finally got on the phone with someone who knew that there was a guy you had to call (another phone call!) to arrange for installation. However, we were calling on the weekend and the guy only worked during the week so we would have to call on Monday . . . terrific!


So - press forward to Monday. Hubby takes time at work and calls the guy. Who tells Hubby that he needs to call yet another number to arrange an appointment. The number Hubby is given doesn't answer any of the four or so times he calls it . . .


Back to the guy. This time the guy says he will call the number himself and have them call. That was on Tuesday . . . .


So Hubby didn't work yesterday (Veteran's Day). Instead he called the guy again. This time he said that if he didn't get a call from the other company by the afternoon we were going to return the disposal and try Lowe's!


We got a call within minutes! The people are supposed to be coming today. Keep your fingers crossed!




Voice Update: Still doing really well! I have a speech appointment next Wednesday so we will see how Susan thinks I have been doing!

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Chris H said...

How typical that you had to threaten to return the product before you got someone to come and install it!
Your morning photos are lovely.