Saturday, November 27, 2010

Days Five and Six

Hi All!

Well, so far Flea has guessed one of the places Hubby and I traveled to and Mental Mama has guessed one. So far some of the other places are still a mystery.

Let's see - a quick review. The first island we were at was named after a saint and is known for beautiful beaches. Next we went to an island named for a day of the week (hint: the name isn't in English!). Then it was on to an island on which American medical students were held captive. The fourth visit was to a little place which - I think - was named after its very good air (again - think in a different language!).

Now on with the next two days.


Today we docked in a beautiful spot and, since we are going to be here for a long day, Hubby and I decided to sleep in a bit. After waking up we did a bit of laundry in the ship's laundromat (we brought those neat little sheets with the detergent and the fabric softener all in one!). Then, when everything was dry, we went to the dining room for lunch. Again - one thing you can't say about a cruise is that they don't feed you!

Then it was finally time to hit the shore! On this day it didn't rain and didn't even look like rain - the first time all trip! On this island we wandered around the town looking for a bracelet for me. Despite having to look at many different shops and finding few that had anything I liked (I am unique that way, I guess!), we finally stumbled into a shop which had not ONE but TWO bracelets that I really, really wanted.

Over beer and cold water we went back and forth and back and forth and I tried (I really did try) to make up my mind. Finally, when it was obvious that Hubby wasn't going to take my hint and buy me BOTH bracelets, I chose one (I will post a picture later). It is BEAUTIFUL and I adore it.

Then it was more wandering - including a visit to a local grocery store to replenish our stock of Diet Coke and water (and to snag a big bag of potato chips for me!). This island was such fun to walk around on despite the sun.

Unfortunately, on this trip we were not able to visit any of the amazing beaches on the island. We didn't get to walk on the beach with the tide tickling our toes. We didn't get to build castles in the sand. We didn't get to find human jaw bones washing up on shore . . .

However, the trip was lovely and we topped it off by getting some shots of the entire town from the ship's top deck. The wind was blowing and it was nice and cool despite the sun!

After that it was time for a nice ice cream cone from the ship's ice cream shop and it was time to get ready for dinner.

Dinner was great! Well - at least they had all of the appetizers that I like! I had escargot - yes, I like snails and would eat them all the time if I could! Then I had gnocchi and then I had a lovely little goat cheese souffle. Yum!

We were both tired by the time we got back to the room but we did manage to stay awake long enough to watch a very peculiar movie. We didn't see the very beginning so we missed the name of the thing but . . . it was about a man who met an odd fellow named Barry. Barry recreated historic scenes using dead mice (which he mounts) dressed up as people in the scene.

The movie was just plain weird . . . and yet we watched it all and laughed!


Today is a sea day so we are taking advantage and . . . sleeping in! Yeah! However, the long sleep means a trip up to the buffet for breakfast. Not my favorite things as I normally get run over in the buffet.

Today wasn't too bad. I made it through the line without incident and we actually had a nice breakfast.

Then we went back to the room where Hubby managed to watch the Ohio State game on television. This was a nice surprise since we weren't supposed to be able to see it! Ohio State won! OH! IO!

We had a nice lunch of room service pizza and chocolate chip cookies and now we are here in the internet cafe checking up on the "real world."

Tomorrow will be the disembarkation - my least favorite part of a cruise - and then a tour of the Puerto Rican rain forest before heading to our hotel for the night.

We have had a nice time!

Too bad it has to end!


Voice Update: Well - I haven't been as "good" as I should be so my throat is a bit crunchy and my exercises have dropped off. I have been talking though so not all is lost! When we get home it will be back to the regular routine!


Flea said...

Okay, so four is Buenos Aires? Surely you weren't in Grenada on day four?

Flea said...

Wait. Reverse three and four.

Mental P Mama said...

Bonaire and St. Lucia!!!!

Diane said...

That Mental Mama is sharp as a tack! I was going to guess Tortuga?

Chris H said...

OOOO sounds like you are having a great time. When do you get home??

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wonderful that you're having a great time!! Photos when you return?