Thursday, November 25, 2010

Days Three and Four

Hi All!

Well - some of you are very, very close to figuring out just where Hubby and I traveled. Keep guessing! Remember, you need three correct guesses to win the big prize!


This morning was an early one for us (well, early for us on the cruise, anyway!). We got up and headed to the dining room for breakfast. This was the third breakfast "trial." We had already had breakfast in the room - Hubby wasn't happy with the "milk-in-a-box" (extended shelf life milk) he got to go with his cereal. We had also been up to the buffet for breakfast - the crowds of people who forgot their manners was too much for me to deal with. So - today we went with the more "formal" option of eating breakfast in the dining room.

Of course we were seated with other people and, luckily, they were pretty interesting. The food was good and the variety was better than in the stateroom and free of the obnoxious people the seem to follow me around the buffet.

After breakfast it was back to the room to pick up my purse and then we headed out. The day, like the rest so far on this trip, was looking rainy so we didn't really think I would need my hat. Bad prediction.

Today, instead of starting to rain as soon as we got off the ship, the sun started shining! Rats!

Well, there wasn't a whole lot to see on shore and we didn't get up enough nerve to ask to be taken to see the place where the American medical students were held captive (which was so nicely portrayed in the movie "Heartbreak Ridge") so we were back on the ship a bit early. We didn't even buy a pack of the spices that the island is so well known for. I contemplated buying some but I don't really know what I would do with them if I had them - I don't really use spices too much!

Anyway - the day wasn't all bad. I did finish the book I have been working on for the past several weeks - The Historian. I forget the author at this moment but . . .it was a good book while the subject was very, very scary. Dracula. I would recommend the book but don't read it late at night - it just gets spooky!

Another plus was our first "Elite" party with the ship's captain. Apparently, we are one of the top 40 most traveled people on board this time so we got to go to the fancy party with passed tapas (I liked the baked brie and the shrimp) and huge prawns. The third of my three prawns decided that it wanted to go back to the ocean and tried to jump out the window (with just a bit of help from me and my "Uncle Murphyesc" attempts to cut the prawn into smaller pieces!). After that (and a straw in my margarita that had a hole in it somewhere) Hubby and I settled down to have a nice time chatting with a couple from Canada.

Then it was on to dinner.

What a life!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today we got to sleep in a bit because the ship didn't dock until around noon. We ate a lovely lunch in the Crown Grill which was transformed for the day into an English Pub (fish and chips, anyone?). Then we got our gear (I sprayed on the sunscreen and took my hat this time even though it looked rainy!) and hopped off the ship.

Can you guess what happened next?


Let me tell you - it started to rain!

Luckily, the rain didn't last too long and we were off to traipse around this island which I am guessing means "good air." The island was controlled by the Dutch (as evidenced by the Dutch/German people who still live there and the numerous windmill trinkets you can purchase) and even though there weren't a lot of things to see in the town, Hubby and I found a nice spot to stop and cool off with bottled water (for me) and a Polar beer (for hubby).

Parrot fish swam near the shore all along the dock area and it was fun to watch the children get their first glimpse of the bright blue fish.

Currently, Hubby and I are back on board and are finding ways to keep busy before getting dolled up for the formal night tonight! Formal night means lobster!!

So - have I been giving you enough clues as to our stops or do you need more?

Flea actually guessed one of the places we stopped. Now she only needs two more to win so you can still catch up if you try really hard!


Voice Update: I have been doing my exercises in the room while Hubby is in the shower. This morning he popped his head out of the bathroom to "Eeee" along. What a guy!