Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day Two for Guessing

Hi All!

It is the second day of posts for you to guess from! This is the continuing saga of where Hubby and I have been. Again, if anyone can guess three of the places we traveled to you will win a prize!!


This morning I didn't wake up early to read out on our spacious balcony. No. It was raining so I just rolled back over and went back to sleep. However, Hubby and I did get up and moving earlier than we did yesterday.

This morning we headed up to the dreaded buffet for breakfast and faced a mammoth line of people who seemed to be a little self-centered. I mean, why else would they stand in the middle of the walkway when a waiter with a HUGE stack of plates was trying to get by? And why else would they not move - not even a inch - while said waiter did a miraculous contortion to squeeze himself and the HUGE stack of plates safely by? Come on people - a little courtesy if you would please!

Anyway - Hubby and I shared our breakfast table with a delightful woman and her son who were from St. Croix. We had fun chatting and watching the rain. And chatting. And watching the rain.

After breakfast Hubby and I headed back to our room to map out our day. The rain made us think that we would not be heading outside but . . . things change. Before finalizing our plans we exited our room for a while to allow Philip to tidy things up. It is so nice not to have to do this myself! Such bliss!

Back to the room. We gazed out the window (and Hubby stepped out onto the balcony). The rain was stopped. So - out we went. Me. I forgot my hat (DUH!!!!!) and so I was worried most of the time about a return of my dreaded sun poisoning rash (I will keep you posted). Luckily, the sun was taking turns with the rain today and every time it got too hot the rain came with ocean breezes to cool us off.

Due to the weather we didn't venture into the rain forest and we didn't see the many wonderful waterfalls that grace this land named after a day of the week. We did wander around and looked at the local stands which were set up and we also ventured a little deeper into the city for a look beyond the touristy stuff. I found a nice little shop selling some CDs. When I asked the salesperson if they were local artists, I got a yes and then was guided to purchase a CD. After getting the email of this lovely woman (in case I don't like the CD when I get home) Hubby and I headed out and I asked several people if they liked the music I had just purchased. To my relief, many thought it was a good buy. Score!

Not to be confused with Skor - which is my furry little kitty whom I am missing a bunch right now.

Back to the day.

Hubby and I wandered through the sun and rain and then went back to the room for our required daily nap. Lovely!

Now we are doing some computer time while we wait for lunch.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

It is! It is!!


Voice Update: Okay - still not doing really well with the whole exercise thing. I just can't seem to find a really good time. However, I am keeping up a minimal massage schedule. We will see how things go. So far. So good.


Mental P Mama said...

Monday Falls in Paraguay????

Flea said...

Martinique? Dominican Republic? Sounds like a fun time, regardless!

Flea said...

I did this backwards. You're on St. John's then? Sunday!