Friday, November 5, 2010

A Saucy Situation

Hi All!

Well - I don't have a picture today - sorry!

Lately I have found myself in an interesting situation.

Hubby LOVES pasta and tomato sauce. If he had his way he would have pasta of some kind with sauce pretty much every single day. Stuffed shells, spaghetti, baked rigatoni, lasagna . . . the list goes on and on.

In fact, Hubby makes his own tomato sauce. He uses a recipe he got from his mother as his base and then he "tweaks" it here and there to make it uniquely his own. He has been doing this for as long as I have known him and his sauce is WONDERFUL! It is so good that I actually prefer it to sauce at restaurants and from the store. If he would make it in bulk I am sure that it would find an instant following in the stores!

However, lately I have been having a problem.

Not heartburn or stomach problems, mind you - taste problems.

Lately I have started to really, really not like tomato sauce.

Between Hubby's sauce batches we usually buy store sauce and have been loyal to one brand for quite a while now. It has always been fine - not as good as Hubby's but fine. Now - I can't even stand to eat that store sauce! It just doesn't seem appetizing at all. Hubby's sauce I can take - in small doses - but even his sauce isn't as appealing as it once was.

What is going on?

Hubby always comes home from work and, seven out of ten times, feels like eating pasta for dinner. Me - I would rather not so I find something else - anything else - to make for dinner. Of course, I have to give in once in a while to Hubby's pasta preference but when I do - I just can't eat the sauce. I will eat the pasta with butter and garlic or just plain but Hubby feels a little bad when I do that.

I should also state that most of the time, when we have pasta for dinner, Hubby cooks. He has a magic touch with pasta that I just have never figured out.

When he cooks the meal and then I don't eat much . . .I can understand why he feels bad.

But - what can I do? I just don't like tomato sauce these days! Not at all!

What a saucy situation!


Voice Update: Still doing really well. Yesterday I got back on track with the exercises and I am still doing well with my massage - the key to that is doing it each time I put on moisturizer - morning and night! The oral reading still isn't where I would like it to be but I am doing talking during the day to make up for it. I am still working on the reading.


Mental P Mama said...

A lot of folks cannot eat tomatoes. Like me. Keep some pasta aside and toss it with some olive oil and basil. You will love it!

Chris H said...

You have had too much tomatoe sauce, that's why you dont like it anymore.