Monday, November 1, 2010

Heaven in an Ice Cream Carton

Hi All!

Okay - I have found heaven! Honestly!

It is called Spiced Pumpkin Pecan ice cream and is made by Blue Bell. It is amazing!

Now, you need to realize that I love pretty much all things pumpkin. Pumpkin ice cream has always been one of my all time favorites and I always eagerly await the correct season so I can snag some. Then I ration out the ice cream so that I can enjoy it for a long, long time! Yummy!

However, this year, Hubby found me something new.

Spiced Pumpkin Pecan.

This luscious ice cream has a pumpkin base with candied pecans and swirls of some kind of wonderful goodness. I can't really explain how wonderful it is other than to say . . . Oh. My. Goodness! It is wonderful. WONDERFUL!

If you happen to live in an area to which Blue Bell distributes its ice cream - look for this holiday treat! You won't regret it!

On to other news . . . .

Yesterday was Halloween (boo!). Hubby and I had a lot of fun getting ready for the "little shavers" as Hubby likes to call them. We had picked up candy at Sam's club (Jumbo sized Pixie Sticks and Blow Pops) and then Hubby decided to buy some chocolate for the really little shavers (he didn't think they could handle the pixie sticks or the blow pops!). Let me say that if you ever want to impress the pre-teen to teen aged trick-or-treaters give them Jumbo Pixie Sticks. Not one of the kiddos who got this treat left without saying "WOW!"

I think the only "people" who didn't enjoy last night's "Spook fest" were the kitties. They spent most of the time either hidden between the couch and the wall (Miss Cleo) or sitting near the couch and ready to hide if necessary (Skor). I don't think it was the costumes - I think it was more the doorbell! Oh well!

Today is going to be a nice, relaxing day for me. I don't have any observations . . . which isn't good . . . but . . . that is how it goes sometimes!

I am reading a good book - an oddly good book, if you ask me! You don't feel compelled to pick up the book and you don't feel like you can't put it down but, it is good and when you are reading, you are really involved in the story. Anyway, the book is about spies in World War II. Currently, in the book, the spies are preparing to "plant" a dead body for the Germans to find. The body has all kinds of "secret" information on it that has been specially crafted by the OSS to fool the Germans into thinking that the Allies are going to invade someplace other than where they are really invading.

I can't wait to see if it works!

That is my big plan for today - finish up the last hundred pages of the book to see what happens. I may also wash my car - it has been getting such a work-out that it deserves a little TLC now and again!

Exciting, huh?

How was your Halloween?


Voice Update: Still not on track with the oral reading but I did a lot of talking yesterday at an assignment so my voice got its work-out anyway! I am doing well with the exercises. Go, Trisha, go!


Mental P Mama said...

Pumpkin Ice Cream????? I couldn't read any further. Going to the store now.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Can you mail me some? I wish we got Blue Bell here, especially now :-(

Happy Halloween (and Boo back at you) :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh! You are such a MEANIE!!! I LOVE pumpkin... LOVE IT!!! And we don't get Blue Bell Ice Cream here!!! That sounds possitively wonderful!

Sooooo jEaLoUs.