Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reaching for the Record

Hi All!

In case you don't know (and why WOULDN'T you?), North Texas is reaching for the record for the most days at or above 100 degrees in a year. The old record (which we tied yesterday) is from 1980 - one of the worst summers on record for this part of the world.

Well folks, it looks like today will be the day. Today will be the day that we break that old record.

Interestingly, people are a little excited about breaking this record.

I would think that people wouldn't want the record broken because breaking it means that it is HOT here and we have to live through it. However, people are saying that if we are going to live in Texas and deal with these ridiculous 100 degree plus days we should have a record to point to.

True, those people I have been talking to about the record are people who did NOT live here during 1980. These people want to be part of a record.


I just want to be part of the air conditioning!

No matter what we want, I do believe that we will be breaking the old record. If not today - certainly this week since it is fore casted to be above 100 all week.

I wonder where we are with the record for no rain.

Or the record for state-wide wild fires.

Welcome to summer (yes, here summer continues well into October!) in Texas!


Voice Update: I have a tinge of a sore throat this morning. Maybe because I didn't drink enough water???? I am drinking about a gallon to see if that helps me out because I don't want something else to continue my bad summer.

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Mental P Mama said...

I find myself sending lots of good thoughts to Texas these days!