Monday, September 12, 2011

Hair - Before and After

Hi All!

It has been a while since I last posted. Partly due to my laziness and partly because of my new meds and their "lovely" side effects.

Long ago, I discovered that there are certain side effects that will ALWAYS happen to me if there is even the slightest chance that a medicine might cause them. Due to this, I have become very good at reading the medical information that comes with new medications and have also become good at questioning the doctors about side effects when discussing thing in their offices.

However, this medicine was given to me by the new doctor. A doctor who hasn't learned that I really, honestly, do know what I am talking about in terms of side effects. Also, this particular medicine is something that the doctor hasn't worked with before so she may not be well versed on the side effects.

So . . . .

Hello, side effects! I am hoping that my body will be able to adjust to this rather quickly. Of course, this isn't the only medicine with this particular side effect. My endocrinologist has given me one with the same side effects and I have been tolerating that pretty well. Maybe the combo of two medications with the SAME side effect is just too much for my body!

Don't you wish you could "play along?"


Can't say I blame you. Not one bit!

On to other interesting things.

Have I mentioned how much I love my hair lately? It is just so well behaved and fun to work with.


I actually was laughing at myself on Saturday morning (before the side effects took hold) when I was getting ready to go out with my friend, Donna, for breakfast. As my hair has gotten longer, it take more and more time and effort to "do" it each morning. In fact, I am developing new habits to take care of it (and help me be as lazy as possible!). One such habit is keeping my hair in a towel for a while after getting out of the shower so that it can dry a bit before I get out the hair drier.

Saturday, I took my hair out of the towel and combed it. Then I took a photo so you could love the way it curls up on the ends as much as I do.

Now, this picture doesn't quite do the curling justice. In real life, the ends of my hair are flipped up all around my head. Not really the style I was going for!
Also, don't mind the make-upless face or the funky half smile. The make-up doesn't happen until after the heat of the hair drier and the half smile is for Mom - who always says "You could have at least smiled!" when I take pictures to show her my hair.

This picture is after some drying. My hair isn't totally dry (that would take a LONG time and I wasn't willing to invest that much time Saturday morning) but it is more in control. Note the gentle turn UNDER of the ends.


Again - don't look at the missing make-up or the funky smile. Or in that case - don't look at the double chin either!


The hair is much
"poofier." This is something that would happen on its own as it dries. Apparently, the body in my hair just can't be held down. Not that my hairdresser doesn't try her hardest. But that is a whole different story.




Voice Update: Still doing really well. 'Nuf said!


Chris H said...

Ha! I have hair with a mind of it's own too!
Mine goes all frizzy. NOT a good look.
You look lovely by the way, even without makeup!

Princess Jibi said...

good job with the hair...