Monday, September 5, 2011

A Minor Miracle . . .

Hi All!

Something weird is happening here this morning.

I think it may just be a minor miracle. Check it out.
Two kitties sniffing at air from a recently opened window.

A mischievous kitty taking advantage of an OPEN WINDOW.

Notice the OPEN WINDOW!

It is September in Texas and I have two windows OPEN!


Am I nuts????


Actually, the temperature has miraculously lowered into the refreshing range. Quite a change from the "Oh my!" range we have been living with for the past months.



In other news - Texas is home of longhorn cattle but these "longhorns" are a totally different breed. Check them out (you may need to enlarge the picture to get a good look! I was taking the picture from my car across the street and my purse camera doesn't have a strong zoom!)!

This is a date palm I started from seed. It spends the summers outside and, from the number of leaves it now has, it seems to enjoy it!

Before this summer, this plant only had three leaves. Now - just look at it!

Okay - quick story before I go.


Skor, my lovely, innocent kitty, has been getting up on our kitchen bar lately. Both Hubby and I have had to reprimand the little bugger several times. Neither of us could quite figure out just why the bar was suddenly so attractive to Skor.


So - we attempted to take everything we thought Skor was interested in off the bar. Apparently, that didn't do the job because the other morning (at about 7:00) I got up and noticed some papers (formerly on the bar) on the floor. When I looked closer, I also saw a candle - the kind in a glass container - on the bar stool. Shattered!


Not just broken or cracked a bit - SHATTERED!


There were glass shards everywhere across the living room! Pieces on the carpet. Pieces on the rocking chair. Pieces on the sofa table. Pieces on the couch!


Glass everywhere!


I got Hubby up to help me clean up and . . .more than forty-five minutes later we thought we were done. Of course, we are still finding little bits of glass in weird places.


Bad Kitty! Bad, bad Kitty!


The good news, however, is that he hasn't been back on the bar since!




Voice Update: Doing really well!


Mental P Mama said...

Open windows! i cannot get past the open windows! Yay!

Diane said...

I didn't get the part about the open window at first. With no air conditioning, that's how we cool the house off when it's 80-90 degrees. Open the windows on the side of the house where the sun isn't. We also face a fan outward in an upstairs window to move the hot air out.
I can see why it would be so appealing to the cats though after a summer of closed windows!