Monday, April 25, 2011

On Again Off Again

Hi All!

Happy belated Easter to everyone! There is nothing like Easter to really remind you what life is all about, is there?

Well, let's see what has been happening around my neck of the woods lately.

Do you remember our tree which died in the front yard? Well, as you may remember, we had the tree removed and the stump ground down in preparation for a new tree to be planted. However, we planned on waiting for Fall to plant the tree - that is the best time to plant trees in Texas. The reason for that is that we have such brutal summers - with hot, windy days - that the trees really root better in the winter.

Anyway. We planned to wait until Fall - we really still plan to wait. Our Home Owners' Association seems to have other plans though!

We have gotten two "friendly reminders" that each house is supposed to have two trees in the front yard. We have been told that if we don't plant a tree within ten days of the notice (I think we are past that timeline now), we will be fined and could be taken to court! Imagine that!

Hubby and I drove around the neighborhood last night to see if we were the only property with only one tree. Surprise, surprise! We are NOT!

Despite the fact that we believe this is a bluff from the HOA, it is sort of stressing me out! They also said they would take away our privileges - including use of the community pools! I want to swim this summer!!!

Such issues!

In other news, our air conditioner is on the fritz again. We just got it fixed last Tuesday and it isn't working AGAIN!

Do I need to tell you that this isn't the time of the year that you want your air conditioning to not be working? It has already been in the 90's here!

Luckily, it is cooler today since we had thunderstorms rolling through the area last night (more shingles off the roof!!). When I woke up it was only 71 here and I hope it doesn't get much warmer. I have already sweated it out for two weeks with no air before they fixed it. I don't really want a repeat performance! Just so you know - the AC guy is supposed to be coming this afternoon! I guess you get priority when they fix your unit and then it breaks less than a week later!


Voice Update: As boring as it seems, everything is still doing really well. I am shocked!


Anonymous said...

Air conditioning! Good Lord... we had some sleet today. Gotta love Colorado. Oy!

Mental P Mama said...

I just had a home owners association flashback. It wasn't pretty.