Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What a Day!

Hi All!

Today I am attempting to add some pictures to my post even though that means more work for me - trying to get the html code correct so everything shows up right.

What a pain in the neck!

Before I get to the pictures . . . yesterday was quite a day! It started off with a trip to my general physician for a check up. At that appointment I talked to Doc about my depression/anxiety meds and how I didn't feel that they were working well enough. That led to a gleam in Doc's eye and an "experiment."

Don't worry. There isn't anything radical going on!

The experiment is simply to see which is the more "overpowering" force - the depression or the anxiety. So - we really put a handle on one and see if the other is "livable." Doesn't that sound like lots of fun???

I am not too thrilled but . . . if it helps in the long run!

After visiting the Doc, I headed to the pharmacy to pick up the new meds. That wasn't too bad since I got to wait and read my book while I waited! These days I don't get too much time during the day to read so that was a bit of a treat!

Back home from the pharmacy I decided to check in with my "stalker" to see how her research paper was going.


It turns out that writing a research paper is a major stressor for her! It took me a while to talk her down and convince her to take a break. Then we agreed to meet before class so that we could talk about the organization of her paper - which is what was hanging her up.

I will admit that after that phone call I took a nap. Just an hour but I needed to recharge!

After the nap I got up, got some lunch, and headed to school. Now, I am not too crazy about the class I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays - as you may have figured out from a previous post! So - I wasn't too eager about going to school. Anyway - I got there and logged in almost three hours of lab time! I met with my "stalker" and we worked on her paper so that she felt better about the organization - now all she has to do is the actual writing. Fun, fun (am I saying that a lot this post??).

After class I headed home (it was still light since class ended early!!!!!!) and had some "down time" with Hubby and the cats. That was nice.

Today all I have to do is finish my research paper, meet with the insurance adjuster about the roof damage, and have my hair cut. Then I will worry about the video I need to have for tomorrow's class!

Now for the pictures.

My cactus is blooming. It is really blooming even more than shown in the picture but I haven't had time to get out and get new pictures.

I love the way the delicate flowers look along the nasty looking spines on the cactus!

This is the Sweet William blooming in our front flowerbed. Small but lovely!

Here is the "cage" I had to build to protect my Balloon Plant and Black-eyed Susans from the bunnies. I may need to get more fencing as the plants grow taller!

I hope I get through this week!


Voice Update: Still doing boringly well!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds as if you are really busy!
Gosh, I hated/loved writing college papers.
Great joy when completed but tiring during the doing.
I used to be an English teacher!

Yes, the cactus flower is really delicate and lovely.
A super photo.

Buster sends his best.

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful! And, why all the code with the pictures? Can you just download them with the little picture thingy?

Chris H said...

I don't get why you are having some many problems with your posts and pictures?
I have no problems at all.
Your photos are lovely.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your voice is doing well. I also have SD or at least that's what a neuro and speech path say. I'm at the end of the process of being diagnosed.
A simple fix for the blogger issue might be to upgrade to the newer templates. I'm not sure though.