Thursday, April 21, 2011

Papers, Papers, Papers!

Hi All!

It is Thursday already! Somehow it seems like it was just Monday yesterday. How did I miss two days??

Anyway . . . I went to class on Tuesday evening and it exhausted me! I guess I am not totally well yet. That is basically why I ended up "missing" Wednesday - I slept all day!

Tonight I have two classes so I am hoping that yesterday's sleep-fest will be enough to keep me going to both classes.

Speaking of classes - I have papers to write! Papers, papers, papers!

For one class tonight I have to write a text reaction paper over the required text for the class. This is the only thing we have to do with the text all semester. We haven't discussed it in class - nor will we! The book won't be on any tests - we just have to write this paper! Yuck!

It seems to me that if a teacher wants a class to read - and understand - a book for a class, there should be some kind of class activity - besides a paper - centered on the book. To allow the students to read independently with no discussion or guidance of any kinds allows the students to garner their own - maybe misguided - information from the book. Seems a bit weird to me!

Oh well! Griping about it doesn't mean I can NOT write the paper! *sigh!*

The second class requires a RESEARCH PAPER! I have done enough research papers to know that I really don't want to do another research paper! However, I have actually done the research and now all I have to do is to actually WRITE the paper.

The writing of the paper(s) isn't the hard part for me - it is actually just getting motivated to sit down and write the papers. This is especially hard when I really, really, really have no interest what-so-ever in doing the papers!

Maybe I will actually start on the papers when I am finished blogging . . . .

Anyone know the world's record for the longest blog post?


Voice Update: As boring as it is to report this . . . my voice is doing well. I shouldn't complain about this being boring to reports since it has taken me a long, long time to get to a place where my voice is good and holding its own.

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Mental P Mama said...

As an English major, I firmly believe in discussion about our readings!!!!! Do you need me to speak to the teacher;)?