Monday, December 7, 2009

Moody Monday

Hi All!

I am sort of in a "mood" today. It is probably due to the fact that I was sick all weekend and now have to go to work and then have my ASL Expressive final tonight in class. Can you say - not feelin' it?!?

One good thing - I got a shipment from Bath and Body works on Saturday and it contained my order of peppermint body wash and body lotion. I love this stuff - it makes me smell like a candy cane! The lotion is even a bit tingly when you put it on! That helps my mood. After all - who can smell like a candy cane and not smile just a bit?

My cat, Miss Cleo, likes peppermint too. In fact, it drives her a bit wacky! When she smells anything with peppermint in it she rushes into the room and wants to lick it. This can cause some problems - like when I used peppermint foot lotion and she followed me around the house trying to lick my feet!

My solution? I put a smidge of lotion on a washcloth, spread it around, and let her go to it. Don't worry - I asked the vet if this odd obsession of hers could poison her some day - he said he didn't think so. We will see, I guess!

Have you sent out Christmas cards yet? I got my first one in the mail this weekend and it got me thinking . . . I always make my own cards and I need a good idea for this year's cards. I have the start of an idea but need to "flesh it out" a bit yet. I guess I will have more free time to think about it after tonight's final in class.

It is our last class of the semester! Yeah! Of course, I should be careful what I celebrate since my class next semester is once a week from 6-10 P.M.! Yikes!

Have a good Monday - I hope I get out of my "mood" soon!


Voice Update: Okay - having SD is the pitts. Luckily, for me, I don't have many symptoms anymore - even on "bad" days. I always remember those who are still struggling daily with their voices. I think about everyone who is still looking for a doctor and/or speech therapist who can help them. I pray for those who have been told that there is nothing that can be done to help them. Yes, SD isn't the worst thing in the world. It isn't cancer. It isn't going to kill you. However, there are times when you wish it would because it makes life so difficult. Our voices are a large part of our identity and without it - it feels like we are nothing. Remember SD the next time you see (or hear!) someone whose voice is far from "normal" and be a little sympathetic.


Mental P Mama said...

I hope you get out of your mood soon! Fa la la la la!

Chris H said...

You have a kinky cat! Hope you have done your cards by now.. I don't do any!