Friday, September 24, 2010

The Wonders of Moleskin

Hi All!

Well, blisters on the bottom of your feet can be a bit . . . well, let's say . . . uncomfortable. However, I still needed to head out to an observation for class so . . I had to find a way to make things bearable.

Enter a wonderful thing called "moleskin."

Don't worry - no moles were harmed in the production of this material. It is all man-made! It is a soft material full of air bubbles to make it really cushiony. The kind I got is backed with adhesive so you can cut whatever shape you need and then just stick it on!

I cut out some shapes to surround my blisters (the intention is to support the blister area without putting pressure on the actual blister), stuck them on, slid on some socks and then put on my shoes (not the same ones that caused the blisters!!). Not too bad!

This solution helped me make it through my assignment. Of course, I kicked off my shoes as soon as I was in the car!

Oh well! At least I survived!

I got home and took everything off and put my feet up for a while . . . before I drifted off into a nap!

This morning my blisters are much better - not healed - but bearable without moleskin!

Moleskin is wonderful stuff!


Voice Update: Believe it or not, I actually did voice exercises AND massage yesterday! No reading out loud but . . . I did massage! I am getting there!


Mental P Mama said...

I love moleskin! It has cured many a pain for this ol gal, too;)

Chris H said...

Ouch to blisters.. that 'moleskin' stuff sounds great though.

Diane said...

I remember being baffled the first time someone asked me for moleskin. Now I know what it is!

Glad your car is okay and hoping your blisters heal quickly!