Friday, September 17, 2010

All Twisted Up!

Hi All!

This morning is beautiful in Texas! I had a lovely walk and swim. There was one thing that sort of bothered me a bit . . .

I was swimming and a car pulled into the parking lot. This isn't unusual but this car just parked and sat there. For something like 15 minutes! At first, I thought that the person in the car was just taking their time getting their swimming stuff together. Then the person didn't get out of the car. And didn't get out. And didn't get out. And didn't get out.

Perhaps they are waiting for me to finish up so they can have the pool to themselves, I thought. I went through my routine and got out of the pool And the car left.

I don't know what was up with the person in the car but, it just sort of creeped me out.

Oh well. It is probably just a person who was needing a place to finish a cell phone call or something. I hope!

Yesterday I was in a weird mood. I just didn't feel good. I was tired and stressed (about what - I don't know!) and frustrated and cranky. The really odd thing is that I understood about the tired (I just can't seem to catch up from a late night on Monday) but the stressed and frustrated??? There is nothing going on that I feel stressed about (that I can think of) and nothing that is really frustrating me. Hmmmm!

Hopefully, today will be better. I did get a nice night's sleep but I still don't feel quite rested. Part of that might be my eyes - on left eye seems to swell overnight (the bottom lid) and swimming goggles (I did remember them today!) seems to make it worse. Maybe a little eyedrop action will help out.

Later today I have a haircut appointment. That always is good and soothing . . .

Anyway - today's "theme" is twisted.

Here is Skor all twisted up to fit in the little house on the cat tree. Note his back foot up by his left eye!

Here is some twisted vines from my Moonflower. The way the vines twist around each other just fascinates me!

Speaking of Moonflowers - look at this lovely flower!

These flowers never stop amazing me with their size (about eight inches across) and their beauty!
Have a fabulous Friday!
Voice Update: Doing well but I did NOTHING yesterday in terms of exercises! Bad Trisha!


Mental P Mama said...

That care creeps me out, too. And I just love that Skor;)

Chris H said...

The car in the carpark would have freaked me out to.
Skor looks delightful all squished up in that little house.

Diane said...

I love the twisted theme!
And I hope the lurker was just finishing a phone call too!