Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rain and Noodles

Hi All!

This was a nice weekend. I spent all day Saturday learning more about fingerspelling at a workshop (and getting hours towards my 200 practicum hours that I need!). Sunday was basically just spent resting and doing some much needed laundry (about time!).

Yesterday I was out and about early so I didn't get to blog but . . . I missed you all (the three of you who actually read my blog!)!

I thought I would start off by showing you what Skor thinks of my walking/swimming each morning.
I honestly think that he believes that I won't go out if he is on top of my shoes!


Just so you know - the jar of Vaseline is there because I put some on my heels before I walk - a good time to moisturize!

Do you remember I told you that it had rained in Texas? Well, one day we got something like 10 inches over 24 hours. I was "lucky" enough to drive through a lot of it. This is a pond near our house and I just had to show you.


In this picture, the pond is to the right of the trees. Normally, the trees are about four feet from the shore. Notice that in this picture, the water is about 8 feet PAST the trees!


Luckily the pond is right next to the lake and the "excess" water goes into the lake so there was no flooding of nearby houses.

That was one wicked rain storm! I have included a video below of the storm I was driving through - fun, fun!

Before the storm, however, I thought I would show you this.

Home made pasta!
I got the "urge" to try something different and found this recipe so . . . here are my noodles.
Of course I don't have a pasta machine or any fancy cutting tools so . . . the rolling pin and a knife did my job. Not very "professionally" but it all tastes the same!
These were really good - even Hubby has some!

I will have try this again soon since I like pasta so much!
Well, that is it for the past events (except for the two short movies I am adding at the end). On to today.
I will be heading to the college for my weekly "work fest." I spend about four hours before class doing work which will help me become a better interpreter (I hope!) such as working on my receptive comprehension and practicing actually interpreting from ASL to English and vice versa.
At 4:30 class starts and then I am headed home by about 6:30! A big change from last semester when class started at 6 and ended around 10! Another big change is that I actually am enjoying this class a lot!
Well - that is my "exciting" life for the moment! I hope you have an exciting day!
Voice Update: My voice is still doing okay even though I did notice on Saturday that I was having a few more hesitations than I would like - those darn hard C words! Oh well! I will need to get back to work on that - I still haven't gotten back into the "groove" so to speak, with that. Bad, bad, Trisha!


Mental P Mama said...

Now I want a big bowl of that pasta!

Diane said...

Wow, that has to be a freak rainstorm for Texas! How awful to get all your rain for the month in one day...
I love your pasta! It looks very precision for being "hand done"!