Thursday, September 16, 2010

Garden Visitors

Hi All!

Yesterday I was out of the house early for class so I didn't get to post but . . . I'm here today!

I had another glorious walk and swim this morning even though I forgot my swim goggles at home! Such is life, right?

During my swim I was wishing I had swim goggles that were part binocular because I saw a large birds (the kind wasn't able to be determined with my non-binocular eyes!) swooping along the surface of the lake. Hunting bugs, I assumed. Wrong!

Suddenly, the bird went into a dive and actually went into the lake! Completely below the surface!

A few seconds later the bird popped back up and struggled to take off. I believe that there was a fish in its talons but . . . again - no binoculars!

The bird flew off and that, my friends was that. I went back to swimming while marveling at being able to witness nature in action!

Neat, huh?

Sort of along the same lines (think nature!) check out what I found in my flowerbed a few days back.

A neat moth!

Look at it closer - it has such a lovely shade of pink on it! What you really can't tell from these pictures is that this moth is HUGE! It is a member of what Hubby and I call "the Mothra" family of moths.

This particular moth was probably five inches from head to tail with a wing span of around five or six inches.
This is the kind of moth which clings to the kitchen window and annoys the life out of Skor!

Another "visitor" to my gardens is this beautiful butterfly ornament.
The wings are on springs and move when the wind blows.

Here is the next "visitor" who is a cheeky little ladybug! Again the wings move in the wind. Fun to watch!
That is all from the garden for now! I have some work for class to do (as always!).
Have a fabulous day!
Voice Update: Still rockin' and rollin'! I did notice a little hoarseness last night but I had been talking a bit yesterday so . .. I did some massage and slept so it should be getting better!

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You just have a regular wild kingdom out there;)