Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Have Class

Hi All!

Yes, it has been a long time - again!  I haven't gotten back to a place in my life where I can think about blogging regularly but . . . . I think it is getting closer!

Anyway - thank you to everyone who still reads my blog when I do post.  Your comments really lift my spirits (and yes, that darn curd was ridiculous!).

Yesterday was my first class for this semester.  This class is the last class I need to finish my education in the Interpreter Preparation program. 
In case you don't know, I am taking classes in order to become a certified American Sign Language Interpreter.  After finished all classes (the end of this semester) I will take a test to become certified so that I can (hopefully) start working as an interpreter.

So far, it looks like this will be a good class for me. I know everyone in the class (as far as students go) and the teacher seems nice.  My only concern is that there is one student who has "glommed onto me" in the past and I am just not ready to deal with that this semester.  We will see how that goes.

In other news . . . not a whole lot is going on in my world.  I am struggling to continue walking each morning.  I think I am getting (or have) shin splints because when I try to push myself to walk quickly, the fronts of my shins/ankles really hurt.  When I stop walking and am bumming around home or when I am just walking leisurely, everything is fine.  This is frustrating!  This morning I managed to just keep walking - at a slower rate than I would have liked - but the shins/ankles weren't too bad.

My beautiful kitties are doing well even though Miss Cleo took an unexpected (by her) slide into the bathtub this morning!  Skor is just as feisty (and annoying) as normal while managing to be completely adorable at the same time.  I am not sure how he does that!

Everyone in my family is doing well as far as I know.  This statement, however, can be patently false and I wouldn't know because, apparently, family doesn't call when people are in the hospital!

Let me explain.

My husband's brother (and best friend) was recently in the hospital (in a different state) for four days and no one called to tell us.  FOUR DAYS!  I would think that would merit a phone call.  What do you think?

Hubby is a bit upset that he wasn't told about it before his brother was home again.

Not that telling us about it would have changed anything but it would be nice to be kept "in the loop."

On a totally random note - do you have a wall calendar that you really like?  Over the past several years we have had several with nice pictures (but I hate it when they "preview" the next month's picture at the bottom of the current month!  There is no surprise and I feel like I have seen the picture before - which I have!) but, honestly, I get bored.  I would like a calendar with facts for each day or little challenges to solve (math??) and things to think about - but in a wall calendar and not the one page a day calendars that sit on your desk.  Have you ever seen something like that?

Maybe that will be my next project!

Thanks for reading my rambling - if you made it this far!

Have a fabulous day!


P.S.  It seems like my spell checking doesn't work for some reason so if you see misspelled words, please let me know!


Chris H said...

Hi Chick, nice to see you around about.
I hope you have a good semester... wow not long to go then until you are qualified.
Yes, I think you should have been told your BIL was in hospital.... not nice being left out of the loop at all.

Mental P Mama said...

Welcome back!! 4 days and no call would set me off too....