Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Divided Mind

Hi All!

Have I mentioned lately that I can't get spell-check to work on my blog?  What is up with that?  Does anyone else, who uses Blogger, know what I am doing wrong?  Anyway - due to a malfunctioning spell-check, please forgive any misspellings and let me know what they are so I can fix them!Okay - as I write this, of course spell-check works today! Go figure!

Today I am in a state of "divided mind" over what I should write.  While I was trying to fall asleep last night and while I was showering this morning, I came up with several options.  I could tell you about my most recent grocery store experience - which would be a kind of a rant.  Then there is the letter I would like to write to my previous doctor about the meds he had me on.  Or I could write about how evil I am for being conservative.  Hmmmmm.  Such choices.

Of course, while I sit here undecided, time is slowly ticking away.  In fact, I don't know that I actually have time to write any of the three topics I have in mind.

Soon I will have to be out of the house and on my way to the doctor's for a check-up (yeah!).

Which leads to another topic.  Fasting for blood work.

My appointment is for 10:30 - which means it will really be around 11:00 (A.M. for anyone who thought I might really be headed to the doctor's office in the evening!).  So, into the room by 11:00 means blood work will really be drawn around 11:30.  I don't know about you but, for me that is pretty much lunch time.  Then, the doctor will come in.  That means it will be about noon before I am back in my car and headed home for food.  No, I won't stop somewhere because I have already paid for food waiting for me at home!

My stomach is growling already despite my best efforts to appease it with lots and lots of water (which SHOULD help with the blood draw but not too much with limiting bathroom visits!).

How cranky do you think I will be by the time the doctor sees me????

Hope you have a less grumbly day!


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Mental P Mama said...

I hate it when they make you wait that long! Bring some graham crackers to have after the blood draw!