Monday, January 30, 2012

DVR Dump

Hi All!

Despite the fact that I claim not to watch too much television . . . I have become absolutely addicted to our DVR.

True, I don't watch much tv when the shows actually air - I just watch them later.  This is usually so that I can keep peace with my darling Hubby who wants to watch "his" shows in the evenings.  I record "my" shows and watch them during the day when he isn't home.  A good arrangement.

On a normal day, my DVR recordings list has about 20-30 things on it waiting to be watched.  Yes, about half of those things actually were recorded by Hubby and I will (hopefully) never have to watch them but, half are mine!  I watch current things first and then dabble in the older things - generally movies recorded during the "free preview" weekends.

Imagine my shock (terror, surprise, horror) when I pushed the "recordings" button on my DVR and the list which came up contained only TWO items.  BOTH of which were Hubby's shows!


Where did all of my stuff go? 

Where is my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1)?  Where is my recently recorded episode of the sit-com whose name I can't recall?  Where is my "Eat, Love, Pray?" 

Where did everything go?

Now, this has happened before.  I have gone into a shocked mode and . . . a few minutes (or hours) later, the recorded material "pops" back up.

Not this time.  It has been three days and still nothing.

The DVR has dumped my stuff.



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Chris H said...

Sounds like you need to get a new DVR!