Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do You "Word With Friends?"

Hi All!

Recently, I started playing "Words With Friends."  It has been a very humbling experience.

I am a very literate person.  I have college degrees (notice the s!).  My English vocabulary is vast.

Why then can't I beat people on this game?

Could it be because I get selections of letter like this:

X Q I R R O N N ?

OR like this:

S T R G N V L ?

OR how about this:

I E E E O A Y ?



1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

This is really funny.
I play words with friends with my grown children.
At first I did not get the hang of it (they allow such weird words.....)
Just now my son's second child is OVERDUE
so how are we spending the time?
playing words with friends


I am getting better at it!