Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not Much to Say.

Hi All!

I have speech today - we will see how things are going. I am sure that my throat is "crunchy" since I have been a slacker on my massage. As always, I will regret not doing my massage like I should when my neck hurts for the next four days! Hopefully I will get back into a more regular routine now that classes are over for the semester and I will have a little more free time.

Speaking of classes - you will be proud to know that I squeaked by with an A. Barely but it is still an A! This was a tough, tough class. I did learn a lot though - for that I am thankful. Now on to even more difficult classes! Yee-haw!

Well, I don't have a lot to talk about today - I guess my mind is empty after that last final in class. I will try to think of something interesting to tell you tomorrow. I guess I am still in my "mood" from Monday!

Have a great Wednesday!


Voice Update: Doing well but crunchy, crunchy throat. Speech, here I come!


Mental P Mama said...

YAY for the A!! Christmas moods are all around....

Chris H said...

HOpe your mood has picked up now.