Monday, December 14, 2009

More Tourist Pictures

Hi All!

I thought it was time for some more pictures from my family's visit for Thanksgiving.

Since we were in the area thanks to the McKinney Avenue Trolley ride, we headed to this historic site.

Do you recognize it? Really? It is famous! Really, really famous! There is even a museum up there. Not on the first floor - the floor on which the window is open. Right below the tree limb.

Here - I'll give you another picture - closer up. Recognize it yet? Another hint - it is on the SIXTH floor.

There were crowds of people all over the place. This crowd was listening to a man who had written a book about what happened at this historic site. My dad is in the back - he is the one with the streetlight coming out of his head!

This is Uncle Al on the street near where the historic even took place. Above his head you can see the window I was showing you before. Still don't know? (Will you look at how blue those skies were that day?!!)

Okay - this should be a give-away! The grassy knoll? Yes! That is right. This is where John F. Kennedy was shot! I am not too sure that we really needed the big sign to let us know where the knoll was but . . . it made it easier to find! The picket fence in the background is the fence where supposed conspirators were hiding to fire the "other shots." Of course, it isn't the original fence - it has been replaced several times.

Aunt Donna is standing on the exact spot in the street where JFK's car was when he was shot. Sort of weird that they keep an X there but . . . also sort of neat that you can stand on such a historic spot.
The building I was showing you is the old Textbook Depository and the open window on the sixth floor is where the fatal shot was fired from. Behind the window is The Sixth Floor Museum - all about that fatal day. We didn't visit the museum on this day because it was PACKED! It was enough to visit the site and to hear the guy who was lecturing from his book.
I live in a great place to play tourist!
Update: Please continue to hold Linda, the secretary I "temp" for, in your prayers. She is in the hospital with a very low white blood cell count.
Voice Update: Doing pretty well. I am getting in a few of the exercises I need to do. I need to be better but at least I have some going on!


Mental P Mama said...

Seriously? Is that Grassy Knoll sign legit? That scares me;)

noble pig said...

I kid you not, I knew exactly where you were by that 1st pic and I have never been there...very cool.

Chris H said...

I think it's a bit macarbe (sp?) that they have maked the spot with an 'x'!
JUst as well you told us where it was cos I would NEVER have guessed!