Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beautiful Buildings

Hi All!

I am in a picture showing kind of mood so here are some more lovely pictures from the time my family was here visiting. This time I am going to show you another of my "obsessions." I love taking pictures of buildings. There is just something about certain buildings that is irresistible so . . . I take pictures.

This building, near The Sixth Floor Museum, isn't a church (which is what we thought it was) but rather, a historic courthouse. Isn't it neat against the blue, blue sky?

I have seen this beauty from the highway and have loved the arched facade. It is even more impressive from the street right next to the building. The Trolley stop was in front of this building so I had plenty of time to play with taking its picture!

I couldn't quite get the right angle but the composition of the two smaller buildings flanking the taller one and the "fan shaped" building in front was interesting.

Buildings seen through sculpture was something I was trying out during this trip.

I think this one worked out a bit better than the last due to the curves of the sculpture.

Here is my curved building again from about a block away.

Building through sculpture no. 2.

The tower of this church just fascinated me. I think I have half a dozen pictures of it against the blue, blue sky. It turns out it if a Methodist church. Interesting.

This is a shot which is called "Shortcut to Heaven." It is a sculpture from the Nasher Sculpture Center seen with the steeple of nearby church. I wish I could have gotten a most "close-up" picture but, you get the idea! The sculpture has people walking up a large "pipe" up into the sky. It is very impressive to see up close.
Well, that is it for my building obsession for today.
Voice Update: Doing well!


Elizabeth said...

These were great.
I loved the tall building seen through the sculpture.
And the church spires.

Mental P Mama said...

Those are some great shots! Love that perspective;)

Chris H said...

You have taken some really lovely photos there!