Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Vicarious Visit

Hi All!

After leaving the Forth Worth Stockyards, our merry band of travelers headed to the New Dallas Cowboys' Stadium. Uncle Al and Dad wanted to check it out. Mom, Aunt Donna, and I - not so much. While "the guys" went in for a tour, "the girls" headed across the street to a conveniently placed Wal Mart. Little did we know that we would be there for more than two hours!

Oh well!

Let's see how the guys did in the picture taking area.

Just to prove the size - those are REAL cars up there! Yikes! Imagine if one of those fell on your head!

A look at the famous video screen while it looks like someone is practicing something on the field. They guys didn't tell us what was going on but it looks neat, doesn't it?

A different view of the field. It seems like that sunlight would be a bit problematic during a game . . . I think I heard that they have a curtain that can be drawn over the end to cut down on the sun . . . who knows!

The locker room. The group that "the guys" were with for the tour had about sixty people in it!

I have no idea who Pat McQuistan is but apparently Uncle Al does!

Uncle Al at the edge of the field.

A slightly out of focus Dad at the edge of the field!
That does it for the pictures - the guys aren't as camera happy as I am! I will say that the stadium is pretty impressive from the outside - it looks very futuristic. The pictures show that the inside is pretty neat too.
If you ever head out way and feel like visiting the stadium for a tour be warned - the line is long (the guys waited an hour in line to start their tour) and it isn't cheap (something like $17.70 for "regular" people and $14.50 for senior citizens).
Voice Update: Other than being tired and getting over a cold (which Hubby has with a vengeance today so I am worried I am going to get it back!), my voice is doing well. I do have a speech appointment on Wednesday so that will help whip things back into shape!


Flea said...

Seriously? They had to pay just to tour the stadium? Were the cheerleaders there as entertainment at least? Geez.

Mental P Mama said...

WOW! Everything really is big there!

Diane said...

I've heard all about the new stadium and now I can say I've kind of seen it. You're better with the camera than the "guys"!