Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kitty at Play and Speech

Hi All!

Here is Skor in his self-imposed "kitty jail." He jumped into the hamper and the lid closed. He couldn't figure out how to get out. Doesn't he look peeved?

And yet - do you think he will learn from this? I doubt it!

On to Speech. Well, I had an appointment yesterday for the first time in about a month (due to the holiday, etc.). Let me just say that Susan was NOT happy with my voice. Like I have been saying - it isn't doing really well. I have been having a lot of breaks, etc. Well, I got a good tongue lashing about how my recovery has been miraculous but that I can't just rest on my laurels (not exactly her words) now. I need to keep up a routine to make sure that my voice is at its best and so it doesn't backslide.

The thing that Susan really emphasized was the massage. When my larynx gets tight it makes talking harder and that just snowballs into "bad voice."

Of course, I KNOW all of this. I KNOW it but I procrastinate and don't DO it!

Well, I have been properly chastised and now I am determined to get myself on a good routine of massage and exercises three times a day (at least) with the "thumper" massager at least three times a week.

Hopefully, that will improve the state of things and keep my voice at its best.

Tonight is the last part of my ASL final. This is the written test covering history and grammar rules as well as the receptive part where the teacher signs things and we have to write down what she says. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Several of you have mentioned you would like to see me tell a story in ASL - I might get up the gumption to actually record something for you.


Voice Update: It is better - I did some major massage yesterday with Susan and then I also did a session at home myself. On to the routine!!!

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Love the jailbird pic it's so cute.