Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday . . .

Hi All!

It really isn't a manic Monday for me today - I just was humming that song and the title sort of typed itself!

Mom and I just got in from our chilly walk with C. We were supposed to walk with C on Friday but it was rainy and C didn't walk. We did. With umbrellas. It wasn't too bad except that the wind was blowing so our pant legs were wet while our heads were dry.

Today was a dry day with a lot of wind and it was chilly! It was only 41 when I woke up (okay - I know that some of you live in places MUCH colder than that but for Texas - that is chilly!!!) and probably that when we walked. I had my scarf wrapped around my ears and Mom was wearing my earmuffs. I am sure that we were a lovely sight to behold!

I am not sure what we are going to do today. I would enjoy a nice long nap because the kitties decided that 5:00 A.M. was the appropriate time to wake me up when the alarms are set for 6:15 and 6:30! Bad kitties. But - they are just so darn cute, what can you do? Personally, I tried really hard to pretend that I was still asleep. That didn't work too well once Skor started sticking his cold, wet nose in my ears! At least Miss Cleo just laid on my side and rumbled. I would say it was a team effort between the two of them but . . . I held my ground and didn't get up until my alarm went off (and I snoozed once - Hubby was up so he distracted them!).

Well, I think we are off to the grocery store. Maybe we will have creamed turkey on toast today to finish off the turkey left-overs. That would be a nice way to create room in the fridge.

Oh - a question for those who love pumpkin. Can you ever have too much pumpkin pie? We finished ours off last night and I am thinking of making another . . . I LOVE pumpkin pie!


Voice Update: Well - it is still here. It is doing okay. I just need to get into the massage more - I can't depend on Skor doing all my massaging, can I?


Mental P Mama said...

Have fun! I think it is time to sleep with the kitties on the other side of the door;)

Grace said...

Hi Trisha. It was my first thanksgiving day here in US, and we had pumpkin pie, too.

Anonymous said...

I say make the pie! Why not!

MUD said...

I am going to make a turkey pot pie today coveren with Cheese bisquits. Still have one more piece of pumpkin pie left. Might wait until Christmas to get another.
I never would tolerate cats in my bedroom. First time one stuck his cold wet nose in my ear, I would play "wall Kitty". That's where you throw before you think. MUD