Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm Done, I'm Done, I'm Done!

Hi All!

Well - my ASL 2 class is OVER! I am done with ASL 2 and with that teacher and with all of that nonsense! Done, done, done!

You can't tell that I am excited or anything can you?

It was actually a rather pleasant experience. The test wasn't too hard - except for that first sentence in the receptive section. The sentence used a sign for Shakespeare which no one in the class remembered. That means that there were five blank faces staring back at the teacher when she signed that sentence. To her credit, she did try to help us out by giving us a few hints. It didn't work.

After the test four of us hung around and had a little "party." We brought food - SHE brought sandwiches and plates and napkins, etc. It was really nice. One of us (one of the favorites) had to leave right after finishing the test because her cousin was having a baby. The rest of us hung out until everyone was done and then chatted and the teacher even told us what the receptive sentences were.

SHE was surprisingly friendly. (For those of you confused about who SHE is - SHE is a woman who, at the beginning of class, just was nasty to me. SHE mellowed quite a bit during the progression of the semester but . . . .) To my shock, SHE even hugged everyone when they left class for the last time. EVEN ME! Wow!

I guess SHE isn't so bad - just very, very STRANGE!

Next topic -

I would love to "freshen" up my site a bit and need some help/advice. How in the world do you create new headers? What program do you use? How big does it need to be? Help, help, help!


Voice Update: I did it. Yesterday, I kept to my new routine and massaged three times (once in the parking lot of the grocery store) and did the inhale "e" routine three times. This was hard to do because my neck is SORE from Susan's ministrations on Wednesday. It is still sore today but I am determined to keep going with my routine until it is just a habit. Wish me luck and - if I lag - kick me in the rear!


MUD said...

We don't read these blogs to see pretty. Write good things and leave the looks alone. Does this make my blog look fat? What ever you do, leave the damn black pages and purple letters for the kids.

Flea said...

I played around with Photoshop for FOREVER to get the header I wanted. I'm jealous of the fancy, pretty headers and backgrounds that other people have.

Hooray for being done!

Mental P Mama said...

Maybe SHE is caught up in the spirit! Well done!

Daryl said...


And thanks for the visit ... its been a weird few weeks here weather-wise but it looks as if maybe soon NYC will get some winter weather


Anonymous said...

Glad it's over and clueless about headers.