Monday, December 29, 2008


Hi! Apparently, my parents' computer will not let me use the "enter" key today so everything will just have to run into everything else! What a wacky thing to happen. I am having problems with this whole thing - or is it blogger? Could be!

*** Note - in the middle of things the space bar began working again! Yeah!

Today, Hubby and I went to the dentist. Yes, we live in Texas and our dentist is still in Ohio. Yes, we have lived in Texas for a Decade and our dentist is STILL in Ohio! Just take a minute to wrap your mind around that and we will move on.


Ok. So - as I was saying - Hubby and I went to the dentist. Hubby was fine (other than needing four crowns redone which will take more time than we have on this trip) but me. Well, I might have a cavity or I might not. The dentist couldn't see anything but I am having some sensitivity to sweets (I know! Why sweets? I love sweets at this time of year and I have to have a problem with them? Why couldn't I have a problem with something like . . . turnips or sauerkraut?). I am going to have to go back to the dentist on Wednesday to have an old filling replaced and a new filling put in to "seal" the area. Supposedly, that will fix all the problems. Keep your fingers crossed!

Yesterday my dad's side of the family got together for dinner. We were supposed to eat at a local winery (local to THEM - not us. We had to drive an hour and a half or so to get to the place) but - the winery stopped serving at 2:30 and we got there at 3:00! Oops! Then we all climbed in cars and caravanned to the nearest city and planned on eating at a different restaurant - which was dark and deserted when we got there! Strike two! We finally ended up dining at Bob Evan's which is always open and always good!

It was a nice evening. I got to see my two cousins, one of which lives in Cincinnati and one who lives in North Carolina. We had a nice time catching up over the meal.

After dinner Hubby and I decided to pay a visit to his youngest sister who just happened to live pretty close by. We headed out and got to visit with her, her significant other, her son, and his girlfriend/fiance. Hubby was only a little embarrassed when I asked the girlfriend about her tattoo and her pierced lip and the holes in her ears (the ones that are stretched out bigger than regular piercings). Personally, I think that if I want to know and she is willing to talk about it - why shouldn't I ask? It would be worse to continue living with my own conclusions, wouldn't it?

While visiting, we also got to visit the alpacas. What fun. There was one baby - about four months old - who actually liked being petted and would come to see you when you went into the barn. Along with the alpacas was Blanco, the guard dog. He stays with the alpacas and guards them in the fields. He was BIG. And I do mean B-I-G! His back was almost up to my waist and his head - well, I think both my kitties could fit in there and still have room to run around a bit. He was a BIG dog! Very docile and nice though. Apparently the only time he gets a bit "feisty" is when someone tries to mess with the alpacas. Be assured that I will never do THAT!

Hubby and I finally made it back to my parents' house at about 10:30. A pretty long day for me! Did I mention that I started out at church in the morning? It was a neat service of Christmas hymns and some background information about them. Very interesting!

That is it for now - I hope you are all recovering from the holidays


Voice Update: I have done two sessions of massage so far today and I did THREE yesterday! Yeah me! My voice, other than being a bit overworked by all the relatives, is doing well. In fact, it is very strong today. I am going to keep going!


Mental P Mama said...

I think you have CDC. Codependent dental complex;)

Arwyn Y. said...

Wow, and I thought I was bad for keeping my dentist who is about a 45 minute drive from us now! He used to be about 25 minutes from us before we moved, but that wasn't that bad, given how big the city was. But I've found once you have a dentist you like you don't really want to give them up.

Happy Holidays!

Flea said...

Sounds like you're having a good time. You know - besides the cavities and not finding food. Have fun!

Anonymous said...


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