Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hi All!

This is the season of remembering.

Do you remember your childhood?

The other day I got a message via Facebook from a boy I knew in elementary school.  Of course, he is a man now but, he will always be a boy in my memory.  It was a strange experience for me.  This boy was someone I had a crush on and he remembers having a crush on me.  In fact, he remembers so well that he even mentioned it to a person he met before heading out to the Navy.  Another man who said he was from the same hometown.  Another man who just turned out to be my brother!

Imagine!  A boy who had a crush on me in elementary school remembering my name (and the street I lived on) long enough to mention it to someone he met after finishing high school.

Imagine that.

Someone remembering ME!

The messages on Facebook got me thinking about a lot of stuff.

Would my life have turned out so differently if I hadn't moved the summer after discovering my crush for this boy?  Would we have "gone out" if I had stayed?  Would that have led to more relationships?

Before moving I think - I THINK - I had friends.  After moving, making friends was difficult.

After moving - which is the period of time I remember the most from my childhood - I was unsure of myself.  I remember thinking that I would never have friends again - let alone boyfriends.  I didn't have boyfriends in middle schol (they all called me Grimace from McDonald's!!).  I didn't really have boyfriends in high school (partly because of the whole Grimace thing and partly because my Dad was my high school principal for the last two years!).  I had lots of boyfriends in college and didn't really know how to handle them.

Of course, my life has ended up pretty darn well in that area - I have a wonderful husband who I love more than anything.  If I hadn't moved - I probably would have never met him.

But - I still have to wonder what it would be like if I hadn't moved.

Maybe I would have been the popular girl.


Just maybe.


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Chris H said...

Lots of if's in everyone's lives I think.
I know I would be a different person if lots of things hadn't happened along the way.
Life is just that though, lots of intersections, and which way you go dictates how life will be!
Nice to see you back, hope all is well with you.