Friday, December 9, 2011


Hi All!

Surprisingly, yesterday I felt festive.  I actually got out my Christmas decorations.

Okay - I didn't get them ALL out. The would involve the Christmas tree and garlands and lots of ornaments.

I got out the Christmas decorations I put out when I don't get the tree out.

The wreath got put up on the front door.  Red ribbons were hung on the porch lights.  Fake candles were placed in the front windows.  I even crafted a pseudo ball of ornaments with a nice bow to hang on my banner hanger.

Then, I went a bit wild - for me!

I actually added stuff to the wreath!  New red berries (the old ones were showing their age by splitting and showing the lovely white foam they are made of) and read and green ornaments were wired into the wreath to give it "new life."

That is wild for me!

To top all this "hoopla" off, our Christmas cards are actually in the mail.

I know - amazing!

You see.  I don't get too excited about decorating for the holidays.  Somehow, it always just makes me sad.

So much time is spent "decking the halls" and preparing for the season and then it is gone in an instant.  On December 26th, the decorations already look a bit tired.

Then you have to take everything down.

That is such a bummer.

Nothing ever goes back in the box quite right and then fitting everything back into the closets . . . what a chore.

I love the look of decorations and lights.

I just get sad when I think about having to take them down.



Jeannelle said...

Nice post. I feel very much the same about holiday decorating.

Dianne said...

I haven't put my tree up in a couple of years
it's just too much to tackle the giant tubs in the huge closet
I do have a small one
and a wreath with flicker lights that make the cats dance
it's all good :)

Chris H said...

I feel the same. But with kids you have to make an effort. Our tree is up!

Mental P Mama said...

Do not think about the 26th! Enjoy! Now will you come do mine?

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow, did you consume a lot of sugar before getting all of this energy? I still don't have all of my stuff out and can use a little of your "wild" ;-)

Happy Christmas to you!!!